There’s No Party Like A Pug Party!

pug birthday party

If you’re here on this site, then you most like are a crazy pug person, just like me. We love our little squishy faced, curly tailed babies! Many like to celebrate their pugs birthdays or gotcha days with a party, so we decided to create a collection to help you throw the perfect PUG PARTY!


We keep adding to this as new products are released. They just added party banners, so I’m getting ready to add those. I just have to get past Pugapalooza first!

Mason Jars Are Perfect For Summer Drinks

mason jars

I admit it, I get excited when a new product is introduced that I can put my designs on that I really think people will enjoy. The shoes/sneakers were a HUGE example of that. Well, with the recent introduction of mason jars, I couldn’t wait to get to work. I added them a while ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting about it yet.

These are perfect for sangria in the backyard or margaritas on the deck.

Here they are if you want to check them out:

mason jars

Pugnacious Gifts + Curly Tail Ties Are Sponsoring Pugchat!

Pugchat Sponsor

Pugchat Sponsor
Pugnacious Gifts + Curly Tail Ties have teamed up to create LIMITED EDITION bow ties.

These bow ties were created by Curly Tail Ties using Pugnacious Gifts fabric to benefit Curly Tail Pug Rescue. They are only being sold at Pugapalooza, but we wanted to give all our pug friends a chance to win a few too!

Wednesday, May 11th, we are sponsoring #pugchat and giving away at least 2 bow ties. One of each pattern.

Want more info about Pugapalooza?


The Highs & Lows (Tops) Of The New Zipz Shoes

Pugs & Kisses XOXO

Curly tails squishy faces low topsSome products just really get me excited. I love pillows and blankets, and all that other good stuff, but when shoes were added, I was so happy!

I’m a big fan of Chucks, and was just thinking about getting myself a new pair, when Zazzle introduced the new Zipz line of shoes. Chuck style sneakers with pug designs?!?! I’m in!!

I immediately started creating both high and low tops for Pugnacious Gifts. The biggest problem I had was deciding which ones to order for myself! Since it was my birthday week, I decided to treat myself, and I got a pair of high tops and a pair of low tops.

Curly tails squishy faces low topsThe advantage to that is, 1. I have 2 pairs of pug sneakers, and 2. I get to tell you all about them! I know they are not inexpensive, so it helps to get some real world experience with them.

I ordered the high tops first, I really wanted to be able to report on them so if anyone else wanted to order them, they would have an honest review. I have found them to be very comfortable & run true to size.

Pugs & Kisses XOXO

The shoes are from Zipz (yes, those are zippers). Below are some of the product specs.

Material: Durable canvas tops, rubber soles.

Rubber soles are manufactured with extra cushioned insoles and a specially designed arch support system to give your feet a comfortable and healthy fit.

Give It Your Best Shot!

Hopefully by now you know that we are having a photo contest for everyone that bought one of the Merry Pugmas bow ties that we did with Curly Tail Ties for Curly Tail Pug Rescue.

Well, the photos have started to come in, and they couldn’t be more adorable! I’m not entirely sure which I find more adorable, the ones that are perfectly posed, or the ones that show pugs are not always the most patient models! So when Melissa started posting a few ‘outtakes’ from her photo shoot of Tex & Phoebe, I couldn’t resist using them for a post.

Phoebe & Tex

Please don’t forget to share your photos, whether you have the picture perfect pose, or an adorable outtake!

You can win a Curly Tail Pug Rescue gift basket filled with CTPR goodies, and a few other surprises! I wouldn’t be shocked if something from us makes its way in there!!

Enter The Photo Contest

Photo shoot outtakes

Flameless Candles

One of the most recent products we’ve added at Pugnacious Gifts is these wonderful LED candles. Available in a variety of our design for both every day and Christmas.

They are available in 3 sizes:
3″ x 6″ LED Candle
3″ x 8″ LED Candle

Timer option: 24 hour cycle. Candle will stay on for 5 hours, then will automatically turn off for 19 hours before turning on again. Takes 2 AA batteries. Batteries not included.

Leggings Are Here!

LeggingsWe have been looking to expand to other products that we felt you might like, that we couldn’t offer through Zazzle, and we started exploring the options at One of the items we love are the full print leggings, but were they going to look good in person? I ordered a pair to test them out, and I’m so happy with them. The printing is beautiful, vibrant, saturated colors.

LeggingsOne disclaimer, they are tight around the ankles, and I have skinny ankles, but that seems to stretch quickly. We plan to offer these in a bunch of different patterns, as well as add all over print scarves & duvet covers.

How To Use Twitter Like A Pro

I belong to some great communities on social media. On Facebook, I have a Zazzle group, and on Twitter, I have a pug ‘group’ both are constantly growing, and trying to master the myriad of social media platforms that are out there can be overwhelming. I wanted to try and help, so I decided to write this tutorial. Most people feel overwhelmed by Twitter when they first start. It’s hard to figure out who to follow, how to follow them and how to participate. This is made even worse because most users start with the Twitter website. Seeing everything in one ‘stream’ makes it hard to follow too many people, or to see your different interests. Thankfully, there are other apps that can help with that. I use Tweetdeck. Now Tweetdeck has both a web (browser) version and an desktop version. Tweetdeck The above screenshot is my Tweetdeck (desktop). I have both my @curiouslt and my @pugnaciousgifts account there, as well as a few of my lists. I also add a column for certain hashtags as I need them. I will go into all of this in more detail, I promise! Before I get to setting up columns, I want to show you how you can use them. There are two purposes that I have found most helpful. When I want to follow a certain ‘group’ or a certain hashtag or chat. Most chats on Twitter use hashtags as the primary way to find them and follow them. Let’s talk about hashtags first. Hashtags are incredibly useful on Twitter. It’s a great way to find people to follow, and a great way to find chats to follow. All of this helps you find your relevant audience. We’ll start with an example. My niche is pugs. So I will use that for the example. You need to figure out what your keywords are to connect you with likeminded folks. You may have more than one. If you specialize in nature photos, or want to concentrate on a particular holiday, those are all hashtags you can follow. So how do you find the hashtags that are out there? There are quite a few sites that can help with this. Below are a few. – you may need to create an account here. It’s free! So now begins the research portion of your Twitter experience. You search different hashtags to try and find your target audience. Keep trying different terms. Below are screenshots of my search for pugs. Click on the images below to see a larger version TopsyRitetag Topsy Topsy is great because it’s initial search results show you users that are using that word somehow, whether in their username or their actual tweets. Once I got this list, I would start going through it, and visiting the profile pages & feed to see who I wanted to follow. Eventually, I would add them to a special twitter list, which we will get to later. I mentioned checking them out, because NOBODY wants to follow someone that just tweets links to their products. People want to interact, so I always check to make sure the feed is at least 60% conversation – which means they have tweeted to someone or replied to someone. Once you feel you’ve exhausted who to follow from that term, repeat with any terms you feel could lead you to your ‘community’. Ritetag Ritetag is a great tool for finding hashtags. Hashtags are critical, because they let you directly connect with a particular group. Many hashtags are also used for twitter chats. Below is a screengrab of what happens when I click on #pugchat, which I already know is a chat for pug lovers that happens every week. ritetag hastag results It is chock full of information from how many tweets use this hashtag to the top influencers. These are great people to follow. Connect with influencers, and you connect with their followers as well. Theres a lot to explore here, but I don’t want to overwhelm you too much, so explore as you will! Now that we’ve discussed how to find relevant people and hashtags to follow, let’s talk about how to actually manage following them. This brings us back to Tweetdeck. Twitter has a lot of great tutorials on using the different features, below are the ones I think most relevant for now. Getting Started With Tweetdeck walks you through the initial setup, as well as using it with multiple accounts. Tweetdeck Pro Tips shows you how to create lists, and then add it as a column. Let’s say you want to make a list of everyone in the FB Zazzle Group, once you’ve followed them, you create a list, and add them to it, then that can be it’s own column. This tutorial also shows you how to schedule tweets. Using Hashtags On Twitter talks about the proper usage of hashtags. As we’ve already discussed, hashtags are super useful in finding and connecting with likeminded people. and finally Tweetdeck Columns because besides adding columns for lists and hashtags, you can also add columns for mentions, which is when someone directly includes you in a tweet, direct messages, etc. I hope you find this helpful. Please comment below if you have any questions, or if there is something else you would like me to cover!

Why You Should Get Zazzle Black

Some things just makes sense, and Zazzle Black is definitely one of those things. I’m actually amazed that more people don’t take advantage of it. It costs $9.95 for the year, and every order ships free. If you only order once, you pretty much break even, so every order after that is shipped free. They even do a month free trial, and you can cancel before that month is over if you decide it isn’t for you. What could be better this holiday season? You shop for all the pug lovers on your list, and ship your gift to them FREE? See what I mean, it just makes sense! Zazzle Black NOTE: I wrote this post last week, before I saw the amazing deal Zazzle is running. For a limited time, you can get Zazzle Black for FREE. That’s right, you don’t even pay $9.95, all you do is place an order & on checkout, click FREE SHIPPING to redeem the offer.

How To Get $5 Off Your Order

It’s officially holiday shopping season, and we know that you all have a lot of shopping to do for the pug lovers on your list. We always like to share the sales & hope you get the best deal possible, so in that spirit, today we will show you how to get an additional $5 off your order. 1. Go to your ‘Order History’ and click on any of your orders. At the bottom look for the product thumbnail, and where is says ‘Review this’ click on the number of stars you want to give. This will take you to the full review screen. Review your purchase Once complete, Zazzle will give you a $5 code off your next purchase.