Pixel Stoop SittingFor all of the pugs lovers out there, I wanted to create a few fun products that celebrated this special breed. If there is a product you want with any of our designs, just let us know & we will add it!

I have had a pug in my life for the last 20 years. Pixel is a constant source of love & amusement. My love of pugs has led me to volunteer with a pug rescue and now form our own non-profit to help pugs, Pug Squad. I built and maintain their site, as well as run most of the web site based fundraising, which includes partner programs, calendar contests, wine label contest, and more. I am also a member of the NYC Pug Meetup Group, which meets monthly in Manhattan. I also love connecting with my fellow pug lovers through social media.

I have had my own web design and development company, Curious Light, since 1998, and have been involved in web design & development since 1994. My dream is to one day have enough time to redo this site, as well as my design business site soon.